Other Worlds Holiday Clubs are non-denominational Christian activity programmes for use by churches and Christian groups. They all provide a complete package for everyone from beginners to the very experienced.

They are designed to run for five days, at around two hours per day, with a Sunday service at the end of the week, but can be adapted to fit your organisation's individual needs.

Each scenario is available as a leader's book, including full instructions, activity ideas, photocopiable material, song words and music, biblical links and a story in the form of a screenplay, playscript and narrative.

In addition, and optionally, you can purchase children's activity books, containing vibrant comic strips, bible links and activity sheets, CDs and useful extra resources from our secure shop, where you can pay by PayPal, cheque or by credit card through Google Checkout.

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You can pay by PayPal, cheque or by credit card through Google Checkout.We ship internationally.


The Kingdom Adventure

The Kingdom Adventure

Mediaeval-themed club

The G.O.D. Adventure

Space-themed club

The G.O.D. Adventure
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