Other Worlds Christian Holiday Clubs are written and developed by Lydia Dockray.

The original club, 'The G.O.D. Adventure' was written after years of experience, helping to run children's weekly activity clubs and other commercially available holiday clubs at the local church.

Too many children's activities currently available seem to think that all children are stupid, or that it is impossible to cater for all levels of intelligence or educational stage at once, so tend to work to the lowest common denominator. Other Worlds clubs attempt to reverse this trend, providing a framework which is accessible to all, yet which will stretch more intelligent children, giving them something extra to think about and ensuring they do not get bored.

I believe in the importance of outreach to children and their families by the church as an ideal way to spread the message of Christianity in our society. I am convinced that events such as Bible-based clubs like these are a key tool in reaching children, and through them, their families. I feel called to use my personal talents to provide these clubs as a part of my service to God, and I hope that by doing this, others will be encouraged to put their own skills to good use in the service of God.



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