Leader Books
- Full instructions to set up your club - Day-by-day story & timetable
- Biblical links & memory verses - How to create the right atmosphere
- How to decorate your premises - Craft & activity ideas & instructions
- Costume patterns and instructions - Words and music for the club song
- Bringing the club back to the church - Extra ideas, gifts, etc.
- Photocopiable resources and games - Scripts and instructions for
presenting the story as a film, play or story-reading.

Children's Books
Full colour 20-page A4 glossy books: Comic strips - the story day-by-day, Bible pages linking with each day’s story, find-out pages - fun facts and ideas, memory verse and song-word pages

Plus other resources:
CD-ROM and Song CD:
Full backing music for the club song, club and team logos to print, name-badge templates to print, score charts, registration forms and invitations.
Also (varying by club):
- Patch badges - Certificates - Stickers - Name-badge clips - etc.


Comic page G.O.D. AdventureOfficer's log cover


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