Time to turn your activity areas into a space station!

A treat for science-fiction fans, but with a strong message about doing the right thing for God and recognising the beauty and wonder of His creation.

The Galactic Organisation Department - the G.O.D. - is responsible for providing life support for everybody who lives on the moons of Jupiter.
Arnold Arthur Adams lives on Io, and one day he is sent a letter telling him that the G.O.D. want to train him to go on a mission for them. He doesn't have to go, but they provide for his every need - food, water, oxygen, supplies and transport. He'd feel really bad if he didn't give something back to them.
Join Arthur and his fellow cadets as they undertake their training. They learn to accept help and overcome fear in order to pilot the ship properly. Later, when they receive a distress call from the surface of Io, they must make a decision: take a risk with their inexperience and go down to rescue the people, or play it safe and return to base, leaving the people on Io to die.

Each day the story provides a clear analogy with our life with God as part of His creation. The main verse for the week is Psalm 19 v1, 'The Heavens declare the Glory of God; the skies proclaim his handiwork.'

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