Welcome to a Mediaeval kingdom full of knights, dragons and damsels in distress!

An extremely silly trip through a mythical land, where strange creatures and a very polite knight show us how God will always protect us.

Sir Prancealot is a new knight who is sent on a quest by the King. He has to rescue the King's niece from a castle, but to do so he will have to collect a number of objects, all of which are guarded by strange creatures. The King gives Sir Prancealot a suit of armour and each day a different part of it saves his bacon! Returning at last with the rescued lady, Sir Prancealot is given part of the Kingdom by the King in recognition of his loyalty and courage.

The day-by-day analogy of the story is to the 'Armour of God' from Ephesians. It looks at what the armour is and how we can utilise it in our quest to get closer to God.

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